Job Calls

Tuesday, May 21st we have five calls. You must have your DL, SS, OSHA, and a voided check for direct deposit on your person for all five jobs or we will move on to the next member on the list.


CACHE VALLEY (D)- 4JW's; 4/10's possible OT; hair follicle drug test.

CLEVELAND (MNK)- 2JW's; 5/10's possibly Sat.; drug test; osha within 5 years.

ALLISON SMITH (MNK)- 8JW's; 4/10's and an 8 with possible OT; drug test, background, fit-for-duty.

CACHE VALLEY (B)- 4JW's; 5/10's; hair follicle drug test.

PREFERRED ELECTRIC (Longs)- 1JW; 5/8's with optional OT 2hrs. during the week & 10 hrs. on Sat.

If you are interested in taking one of these calls, please call the union hall tomorrow morning between 8:00am and 9:00am. 843-554-1080.